"FIREVIEW" is fire alarm monitoring system & fire alarm management system. This is tool which useful for Properties/Facilities/Factory/Operation Executive and Management, Safety Manager/Officer and operational Team uses to manage fire alarm system.

This system provides real time fire alarm multiple properties events dashboards, monthly executive report, devices maintenance schedule, events historical log, Maintenance log and emergency evacuation floor plan graphic location manage fire incidents & drills, through PC/Work Station base, Mobility smartphone app and Android TV annunciators.

Our Enabler

Who use our monitoring system?

Who get benefits from this system tool?

  • Remote oversee & manage all Fire Alarm systems and devices facilities via PC/Work stations and Mobility smartphone app.
  • Provide events historical data report. Maintenances/repair/replace/test & Inspection data report. Graphic analytical doing presentation & report documents.
  • Fire Testing & Inspection tool , sampling test audition with date scheduling to maintains best in fire safety condition and fire safety data
  • Monthly executive report provide all detail analytic information.
  • Plan and Manage fire alarm system device budget
  • Assistant tool for Fire Emergency Evacuation drills.
  • Provide PC/Work stations and Mobility smartphone app assist on site operation with floor plan graphic.
  • Real time alarms/troubles/disable devices notification messages via smartphone app and pc/work station base.
What is FireView features & benefits?

What are FIREVIEW features & benefits?

Features & Benefits:
    PCs work station web base, mobility smartphones APP base and Android TV Annunciators.
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring dashboard on deck and Google Map display.
  • Today Dashboard provides all properties new Alarm/Trouble/Disable devices.
  • Real-time historical Alarm, Troubles & Disable devices dashboard to monitor day to day.
  • Monthly executive report provides all detail analytic information.
  • Floor plan graphic finding location provide on both PC work stations/smartphone app/ Android TV Annunciators
  • Facilities and Preventive Maintenance system.
  • Know which devices been test/inspected/repaired and replaced.
  • Report and analytic graphic for presentation.
  • Emergency Evacuation tool assist drills.
  • Fire emergency evacuation graphic floor plan, app EAP downloads and emergency contact calls.
  • High Security to access via username and password.
  • Cost effective hardware and Monthly/Annually software as a service fee base.
How it works?

How it works?

How to install?
  • Plug in Master Controller to Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP).
  • Play on App to do Account creation, set-up, user profiles and integrated to sites/buildings/factories from Master Controller.
  • Play on FIREVIEW smartphone APP/PC web base www.fireview-webbase.com / Android TV Annunciator via PUFFIN App & www.fireview-webbase.com
  • High security protection data with privacy in platform.


Provide Graphic/Data Analytical Presentation/Report
  • Monthly Executive Report


Google Map/Deck/Dashboard display view all properties fire alarm status

One touch! View all today new Alarm, Trouble and Disable Devices

Facilities services on site, planning and Inspection online

Monthly Executive Report Systems

Emergency Evacuation drills tool

Notifications and Graphic floor plan

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Click install app below and fill in our “invited code” to try trial FIREVIEW simulation system working. You can review how our monitoring system work on real details on FIREVIEW APP

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